Governor of New York: What AT Does He Use?

Governor Paterson Confers With Michael Bloomberg17albany-600.jpg17albany-600.jpgSo, the new Governor of New York State was sworn in today. He is not only the 5th African-American governor since Reconstruction (were there any before?), but he is also legally blind. I have been searching for information about the assistive technology he uses, but not much info is available. The New York Times mentions that he memorizes his speeches, and that he does not use Braille. What does this man, who has to read mountains of print, use? My bet is on a combination of text-to-speech and CCTV. If you know, please comment below!


new Wave toolbar

WebAIM has released their new version of the wonderfully easy-to-use WAVE accessibility checker. To use it, go to and upload/browse to the web page you want to check. They also have a toolbar you can download into Firefox for checking on the fly. Note to those with visual issues: this is a graphics-based, visual tool.

Hello world!

As a community college faculty member, and an instructor of assistive technology (computer technology to make computing more accessible), my work is universally misunderstood. Which is to say, it’s not a typical faculty job, and it’s not a typical assistive technology job either. In this blog, I’ll speak to the intersection of these two parts of my work, and describe issues in the field, as well as my thoughts on teaching AT.